"The Bodhisattva Sutra" (p.11)



    Various spiritual stages have been realized by the saints of the past.

Is it possible to prove this today with science?

    I have been tackling this subject for nine years.

With the help of instruments like the Astral Teleporter which faithfully reproduces the vibration of my mantra through electric signals, a device which awakens Kundalini through magnetic fields, an FET (field-effect transistor) which correctly reads waves sent out by each Chakra, an electroencephalograph connected to a computer, and so on, I have finally succeeded in scientifically verifying the teachings of the saints in the past, especially those of Buddha Sakyamuni.

    In Buddhism, there are the so-called three vehicles: Hinayana, Mahayana and Tantra Vajrayana.

The saints of the past all explained that the final point (Nirvana) attained by Hinayana and that attained by Mahayana are the same.

But through my experience in the practice, which for me extends throughout many past lives, I have come to doubt this.

My own theory insists that the practice of Mahayana begins when that of Hinayana is finished.

When one has completed the practice of Mahayana, one becomes a perfect True Victor (tathāgata), a perfect enlightened one (buddha).

This has recently been proven by our experiments with brain waves.

In other words, Hinayana is the path of cessation of afflictive desires, and Mahayana is the path of accumulation after that cessation.

    What about Tantra Vajrayana?

The path of Tantra Vajrayana should be considered part of Mahayana.

The difference between the two is that with Tantra Vajrayana one concentrates on the complete accumulation of the path's essence, and as a result, one attains the body, speech and mind of a buddha.

    Once we have a good understanding of this principle, we should be able to recognize from all the religious teachings which religious practice makes us happy and which makes us unhappy. 


Shoko Asahara January 1994




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